Data Informed Culture

Data Informed Decisions

In your organization you have to make decisions to plan, manage, and operate.  From leadership, to policy, to making decisions and meetings your organization needs a continuous use of assessment, revision, and learning rooted in the way your organization functions.  For continuous improvement your organization needs to set goals and measureable indicators to identify if goals are being met.    

There are three fundamental practices that lead to growth within your organization and create a data informed culture. They are to assess programs/goals by observing the results, and learning from those results to revise or improve your next program or goal.  This model can be used in many aspects of your organization and allows for you to not only have measurable outcomes, but provides you with data that will allows you to improve.

Eno River Consulting works with your organization to create a data informed culture through market research, 360 Assessment, program evaluation, and capacity building.  ERC is equipped to help you through the data informed process of assessment, revision, and learning.  ERC works with your organization to observe the results of the research or assessment and create a learning opportunity for your organization to improve and grow. 

 Market Research

Eno River Consulting can provide a complete menu of custom market research services including qualitative and quantitative research methods and secondary and primary data gathering and analysis.  The data collected will become a spring board to conversations of improving your mission, effectiveness, efficiency and impact.  

360 Assessment

Eno River Consulting can offer your organization a 360 Assessment –a thoroughly objective evaluation of your organization and its brand from the perspectives of all your key stakeholders – clients, board members, staff, donors, community opinion leaders, and other nonprofit executives. The 360 Assessment is often helpful as part of data gathering for strategic planning, as a preliminary step in strategic fundraising and planning major capital campaigns, and in managing an effective organization.

 Eno River Consulting can also intensify the brand of your organization and its performance. Understanding and engaging with staff, board, top donors, top corporate and foundation partners, and program collaborators and competitors and assessing opportunities can yield information that will shift, strengthen, and shape your organization to its fullest potential. Known for candor and good advice, the institutions and people closest to you can be trusted to provide helpful and accurate feedback, thus helping you determine your next steps.

Program Evaluation

Effective programs are a lynchpin of successful nonprofits. Eno River Consulting can assist you with continual assessments of your programming and how to implement reflective protocols to ensure growth and improvement of your programming.  

Capacity Building

Eno River Consulting will help your organization monetize services and develop fee-for-service revenue, thus diversifying your organization’s financial support and providing unrestricted funds to the general budget to support innovation and capacity building efforts.


In closing, ERC offers many options to assess needs within your organization, however the key to develop a culture around data is to take the information and create actions that will result in improvement and growth.  

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