Power in Social Media

The ALS challenge or donate is a prime example of the power of social media. Philanthropy for the right cause is just a hashtag away! Creative uses of social media can connect you to potential donors. It reminds me of the movie “Pay it Forward”. Students were challenged to do an extraordinary deed for three people and then that person would do the same. Making a greater impact on society. Social media allows you to connect to others in the using the “Pay it Forward” model, but on a larger scale.

Social media allows you to communicate two ways with donors or people just interested in your cause. To bring awareness to your mission you can post to a variety of social media sites, the key is to get creative and find what works for your organization. The two way communication comes from retweeting and commenting on organizations that you follow or that follow you. Building relationships these days does not have to follow the traditional routes taken in the past.

Social media can work for you if your heart is in your mission. You want people to feel connected to your organization through images, videos, or inspiring stories. When using social media it also takes a little luck– and strategy — just like the ALS challenge, however there are people that are just a click away ready to take the challenge or donate!!

ERC is ready to work with your organization to tap into your passion and facilitate true expressions of yourself through social media in ways that catch on quickly.

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